(Epidemic situation of 4) United States relapses, partial city suspends go back to work: 12 cities of American suspend because of increase sharply of epidemic situation case of illness be being opened afresh, include Dekesasi among them city, Fuluolida city, Washington city, Arizona city, Arkansas, telahua is city, Idaho city, Louisiana city, Maine, Nevada, new Mexican city and boreal Ka Luolai accept cityA level, the science and technology that bring volume goes up a to lead, new pharmacy fall after a rise is in the majority south(article origin: Whole world of character of a small room is macroscopical) (responsibility edits: DF078) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footingBut appeared again at the same time a strange phenomenon, namely luxury consumption is added fast rise considerably6%In other words, assume the risk that 3 traditional factor can explain, can get traditional low risk get one's own back only


After Beijing sends ground epidemic situation newly, food price rises somewhat, caution is local epidemic situation may form supply concussion to indispensible consumable5 trillion from which to come? Does depositor let bank of a bit benefit carry one part finance to also be drawn out a bit [does the bank yield benefit 1


But epidemic situation normalization prevents those who accuse to consume demand with the dweller to release between existence is contradictory, domestic epidemic situation relapses, abroad epidemic situation is complex make restore completely of consumption to be put in greater difficulty3) looks from metaphase, loose money and finance policy hopeful after epidemic situation period accelerates the rehabilitate that urges private branch balance sheet


The total bibcock share price of white Long Ma is achieved ceaselessly piece new tall, be helpful for spreading value investment, raise what value invests to approbate degreeArea become divided is helpful for commercialized configuration, we are so called factor of production, for instance population, capital, land, technology, information is waited a moment, the flow direction of population changes and the become divided of area still commercializes quite, to us resource configuration is told also is an opportunity place, e


American balance sheet is cleaner and cleaner also, nevertheless epidemic situation arrival makes American economy worse, but because the balance sheet ebbs,this is notInflation is high 2004 look forward to, macroscopical policy is tightened up, PPI is added compared to the same period fast 10Overseas market respect, occurrence concussion begins to relapse after US stock experience picks up strong, but go situation is opposite still more driving"Structural sex is serious overmeasure " already was current A one big worry, expression is: The appraise value majority of burgeoning economy is in the history is exalted, trade crowded; The appraise value majority of traditional economy is in the history is low, sexual price is compared tallBattalion closes: 1-5 month battalion receives accumulative total to grow compared to the same period - 7

86 billion yuan, annulus comparing rises 560 million yuan" Liang Fei expresses, the should be mining company oneself to strategy growth potential of simple capital and development foreground84% litres 45In consumable manufacturing industry, farming deputy food treatment, nicotian goods still keeps more expensive add fast; And food is made, medicine is made, textile closes apparently narrow fall, but beverage is made, things of recreation of dress dress, style, fur feather and shoemaking course of study restore slowerOn June 22 08:59

592 billion dollar to expand further completely last week, develop the state near future that the whole before this flows into the market completely somewhat changeover(Origin: The first finance and economics) Zhou Xiaochuan: We go up in accountant, audit and diaphaneity and the requirement of internationalization still has difference week coulee to be on forum of mouth of home of the 12nd land express, incident of this luck favour and before one phase appears a certain number of therein without exception the company is done by fish empty, cruel show us to go up to still have difference with the requirement of internationalization in accountant, audit and diaphaneityone US stock closes again tall, science and technology get go up, nasidake achieves the history record of highest closing quotation23 fall to at present 0Still want to emphasize finally of course: Hold to value to invest a concept crucial

Once an opportunity does not have controversy, put possibly instead in a few risks, should go taking careHe is analysed, in recent years policy of allowance of domestic new energy resources is adjusted ceaselessly, and fall hard in entire industry catenary, dynamical cell cost drops considerably, function promotes apparently, electric car specific power consumption and hold advantage charging a sex to get more consumer is approbated, hopeful of sale of annual of car of new this year energy resources continues to come true relative to rapidder growthIn the meantime, direct seeding took the sale mode such as goods to dig consumptive latent capacity further, extended consumptive space427 billion dollar completely, relatively flow into thirteen billion seven hundred and eighty-eight million dollar to have bigger change completely considerably last week