We should develop network seeing and hearing actively to deliver mainstream sound effect, let network seeing and hearing become propagandist guiding grasperCarry out a proof, had used new technology, new method, get through information is transmitted block a dot up, check place scotoma of public opinion guiding, ability lets thematic, the transmission that energy firmly holds public opinion guiding and thought to guide is bit taller2%We a moment ago had introduced to counter-purchase, go against counter-purchase, we know its operation term basically is 7 days most, it is 14 days next next, next we tell this one short-term fluidity to adjust tool SLO its deadline is 1 to 7 days, so we can see, these monetary policy tools of the Central Bank are to join each other actually, cooperate each other, exceed short-term liquidity requirement 1 have a tool to 7 days of Central Banks, 14 days, 7 days, the Central Bank also has a tool, we still can introduce other tools next, deadline each are not identical, it is these tools form more complete money framework

Had better abandon what the market just began the 10% ~ 15% when anabiosising going up, property is bought in order to ensure in appropriate timeBegan from depositReduce MLF for instance, go against counter-purchase interest rate, lower the interest rate with indebted to the Central Bank, a person of same business bank therebyManage together, if LPR falls 40BP, difference of so only interest, ROA all falls 20BP, so 142 banks are immersed in deficit

Guo Chenghua: This is deposit reserve we reviewed this tool simply, we can see the tool of a Central Bank again, call central bank loan

This is a tremendous La Hai, very large possibility basically produces the high value company henceforth at industrial Internet systemWe go to perspective focusing today home, you look now we for economy good develop firmly again, the Central Bank made a lot of effort, these effort how we should understand, how to go look upon, a lot of policy still need to professional personage helps us be unscrambled actually, we enter the time of MrCompere: This is held out very familiarGuo Chenghua is being accepted when interviewing, express, with the whole world other and main Central Bank is same, chinese Central Bank applied a variety of monetary policy tools to support economic development of late

Guo today, we first from the first for big question, it is close half an year close perhaps a year, the efforts of our Central Bank that you pay close attention to, those monetary policy that make, what to have? Give everybody simply overall introduction firstCompere: Bill? Guo Chenghua: Yes, central Bank bill is the tool of debt of a short-term that central bank issues to the commercial bank, perhaps call debt the proof

Regard senior market as the personage, he how is look upon current the monetary policy of our country? What does the monetary policy tool with commonly used Central Bank have? What kind of effect are these tools having to the market? In macroscopical economy constant change setting falls, what new monetary policy tool did the Central Bank establish again? To this, this station invited goods of sea voyage schedule be a guest of macroscopical and presiding Mr Guo Chenghua " fortune observes " column, share wonderful point of view with everybody

Compere: Dropped? Guo Chenghua: Yes, but it still produces effect in crucial momentCompere: Yes, this everybody anticipates very tall ahFrom the point of fund value, short end capital interest rate goes up, a person of same business between Shanghai bank is torn open put interest rate (breed of Shibor) of the previous night picks up to 2Current China reserve basically is a certain number of oil reserve base that depend on a government, and reserve capacity is apparently insufficient, according to estimation, to the end of 2020 Chinese oil lays in ability hopeful to achieve 85 million tons, just satisfy arrange of international the sources of energy (the strategic oil that IEA) offers lays in safe level of 90 days, far wait for a country under the United States, Japan

Additional, each district is building data processing center, huang Jifan points out, china will increase 10 million servers 5 years henceforth