• A lot of investor fall in this kind of state, can go money market only cannot the reality of card bogus -- capital interest rate still is in perch to draw close



6% , before 20% companies clinch a deal the forehead occupies assembly to pay the specified amount 87Insurgent news: It which processing rises is more intractable that which processing rises? Repair balance sheet is more difficult, is the crisis that should still bring to epidemic situation more difficult? Gu Chaoming: We still do not know when to just can restore from inside epidemic situationInsurgent news: Do so you think exchange rate is very pivotal to current policy choice? Gu Chaoming: YesConsumption is the function that the dweller can control income, dweller income uses investment partly, one part is used the room is borrowed or still use at other must defray, if these parts are occupied,take consumptive pay of the dweller than crossing a general to squeeze

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